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About Embury

Embury Bar is a tribute to David A. Embury, a well-known gentleman, who lived in New York during the 19th and 20th Century.
He was not a professional in the liquor business, but had a strong opinion about what a perfect drink should be like. Working as an attorney, he was looking for places where he could gather his thoughts, and abandon a hard day.
Embury was seeking memorable moments while sipping his favorite drink. He was not satisfied with just anything.
He was constantly on a quest for perfect balance and taste. Quality was the goal.
Here at Embury Bar we strive to live by his approach and his quest for quality.
We aim to serve you the best drinks in an ambience where you too can just lean back and enjoy your memories.
    • Glass Clear Ice

    All our drinks are served with our well-known Crystal Clear Ice, which is produced in our own ice lab.

    In addition to its aesthetic character, the high density of the ice ensures that the drink can be enjoyed for longer than average without diluting the taste.

    By the way: we also offer crystal clear ice to restaurateurs and interested parties!
    • Our Crew

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